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Professional Vocal Services

Protect your most important career asset with our help. We specialize in vocal excellence. Learn more about services tailored to the Professional Vocalists.

Voice Lessons


You've always dreamed of taking the stage and singing your heart out. Or, you just want to blow your friends away on karaoke night. Learn more about how we can help you discover your voice.

Artist Management

Let us build and manage your brand so you can focus on what you do best. Learn more about what managing your career means to us.

Music Lessons


Do you want to play an instrument and sing? Or do you prefer to express your musical talents away from the microphone? No problem! We offer instruction in piano, guitar, song-writing, production, and other general music topics. 

Artist Development

You have talent, you have style, and you have dreams. Learn more about how we can help develop your career.

Music Production

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You have something important to say and you want the world to hear it. Share what's in your head and let us bring it to life "before your very ears." We have the the tools and the builders, all we need is your vision. Your music, your way, our pleasure.

Working with JLStudios has given me a degree of confidence in myself and my abilities as a musician.
— Kate, singer/pianist/guitarist - Age 32
A personal and individualized journey
— Kevin, singer/guitarist/songwriter - Age 24
Incredibly fun and rewarding experience
— Meghan, singer - Age 23

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