Community Partnership

At JLStudios, we strive to provide the best training, experience, and opportunity for our clients and students. Every year we work tirelessly to produce a concert series that allows our growing artists to gain invaluable knowledge from a professional performance environment. We work with some of the best professionals and musicians in our local network to achieve three purposes; to provide the enrichment, support, encouragement, growth, and refinement of our PERFORMERS, to provide quality entertainment for our AUDIENCE, and to provide value in our COMMUNITY.

Our Community Partners play a vital role in the success and development of our student performers. The support of these local professionals, businesses, and individuals reflect a commitment to their investment in our community, as well as a dedication to the cultivation and preservation of the performing arts. The opportunities made possible by our Community Partners have a considerable impact on the lives many and reaches well beyond the stage.

We hope you will join us in our purpose to serve our PERFORMERS, AUDIENCE, and COMMUNITY.

Become A Community Partner

Mary, age 11 performing vocals & piano "flashlight" by jessie-j

Mary, age 11
performing vocals & piano "flashlight" by jessie-j

Student Performer

Every student is the primary influence in selecting their repertoire for each concert. Each show has a theme that encourages students to explore new music, artists, composers, and genres. They learn about the style of the pieces they select as well as the history and influence of the song, artist, or composer. With each concert, they learn different aspects of style, performance, and production in order to reflect their personal interpretation of the theme. By becoming a Community Partner for a Student Performer, you are providing a student access to the sheet music, recordings, and other tools necessary to learn their selected songs. You are also providing the performer concert fee required for a student to have the opportunity to perform in a concert.

april, age 16 performing her original song "escaping america"

april, age 16
performing her original song "escaping america"

Young Singer-Songwriter Performer

Songwriting is an incredible form of expression, and a medium that has often been referred to as the "universal language." Music speaks, and let us tell you, these Young Singer-Songwriters have a lot to say! For almost every concert in our series, you will observe several songs in the program with a name listed as both the performer and the credit. These original works come from the heart and soul of the individual who performs them. Our Young Singer-Songwriters bring ideas into the studio where they work to develop and refine them into complete songs. They learn how to communicate their ideas in musical form, and how to provide other musicians with the information necessary to collaborate and execute the song in a live setting. By becoming a Community Partner for a Young Singer-Songwriter Performer, you are providing a budding artist access to transcription tools, arrangement software, and additional rehearsal time with professional musicians in order to prepare for the live performance of their original song.


Sound & Lighting Producer

We don't just want to sound incredible, we want to look incredible too, and our Sound & Lighting Production team help to make sure that happens.


Professional Musician

"These guys are the Real Deal." The roster of Professional Musicians we engage to perform with our students is second to none, and that makes for some incredible collaboration. 


Audio Engineer


Here's what our performers have to say...


"These are NOT the recital experiences you are reliving from childhood!!"

I walked into JLStudios studio thinking I never wanted to perform in public and I used every excuse I could think of to get it out of it.  But you know where this is going right?  I went to one as an observer, I saw how much fun the kids were having, and the look of pride on their faces, and they were good; I wanted to learn how to do THAT! 
So, the next time the opportunity arose, I bit the bullet, found my courage and walked up to that stage and opened my mouth.  I won’t lie, it was terrifying, but I DID IT!  And now, a couple of years in, it's still terrifying, but it's also fun and inspiring and I really don’t think there could be a more supportive format.  Instead of just your teacher playing an accompaniment by route, you have an entire band of professional musicians backing you, helping you along, and encouraging you with every note.  I don’t think it will ever be easy, but it is certainly worth doing, even if you aren’t ‘good enough’ yet.   

-- Kate - singer, pianist, guitarist, Age 32