This Is Your Greatest Asset.

The career of the professional performer is one that exists as both remarkable opportunity and incredible challenge; mentally, spiritually, and physically. Even though the "other-worldly" experience of being on-stage in front of a crowd humming with energy compares to none, the reality that we remain human in the limitations of our anatomical design is a sure and sobering reality.

As any musician can attest, we have all stared our "humanness" in the face from time to time and have (hopefully) learned valuable lessons in humility and respect for our "like everybody else" limitations. This reality is magnified for the professional vocalist, who relies 100% on the execution and proper function of some remarkably small anatomical parts. It comes when you wake-up the morning (or afternoon) after a show, and you can't phonate (make sound) in a way that is normal. Or, when by the final stretch of the set, you're struggling to feel strength and stability in your voice. If you are one of the lucky (or young) ones, you have yet to face that heart-quickening moment when something just doesn't sound or feel right; when suddenly your entire career flashes before your eyes. In that moment, when fear sinks to the pit of your stomach, is when it hits you; this realization that all of your hard work, dedication, and success rides on this tiny mechanism that you can't even see! 

So, why wouldn't you do everything in your power to learn as much as you can about how your voice functions? Are you using your voice in the most effective and efficient way possible? Do you approach your performance from a place of balance, where the highest form of expression and execution can exist as one? You will ultimately and intimately know this incredible instrument in a way that builds confidence, consistency, and artistry at a level even greater than what has already been achieved. It is in this process that we will work to Respect, Refine, & Protect your greatest asset.


What We Do

  • Vocal Approach Assessment
  • Technical Refinement
  • Performance Prep
  • Studio Recording Prep
  • Tour Prep
  • On-Site Support
  • On-Tour Support
  • In-Studio Support
  • Performance Planning
  • Program Planning
  • Studio Planning
  • Staging & Production Planning
  • Vocal Arrangement Support
  • Medical Intervention Advocacy
  • ...and More!


Just because you drive an incredible car doesn’t mean you know what’s under the hood...and that’s OK