Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hi! My name is Jillian Lee and I am the woman behind JLStudios. I am so glad you found our site and I hope you enjoy perusing the ideas, activities, and information that make-up what JLStudios is all about. If you haven't already noticed, we do A LOT, and we're extremely passionate about our work. We offer business services, creative support, music production, and artist management services for professional musicians and developing artists. We are also active in developing amateur musicians of all ages through music instruction, mentorship, and performance opportunities.

JLStudios is currently a small company primarily run by yours truly, but I would be totally wrong in giving you the impression that I do it alone. It truly "takes a village" to accomplish the wonderful things we do, and I am grateful for (completely dependent upon) the wonderful people that help me pull it all off. We think big, but we know how to start small, and that's why we're all about investing in the future music generation and we're always excited to work with local partners. 

I hope you like what you see and want to know even more about what we can achieve together! Don't wait to contact me at JLStudios, the world needs YOUR music. 

Who I Am & Where I Came From

So you can get a better idea about JLStudios, I'd like to tell you about where I came from and who I am (I don't actually "like" to do this, but the people who know more about website things are making me, ha!). I was born and raised in California, and for as long as I can remember, music has played an integral role in my life. In fact, I define the "stages" in my life by the music, artists, and performances that influenced me during that time. My passion for music was and remains innate, and I still recall my earliest musical influence (Carole King, namely her album Tapestry...I still remember ALL of the lyrics to EVERY song on that album too). I began singing at a very early age and I can't recall a time when I wasn't completely enamored with all things music. 

As I grew up I found many ways to engage with my craft, which was extremely easy in our household as ALL of my siblings (5 of us) are musical. We literally had a "sibling jam-band" and blasted in the garage (mostly the result of us attempting to hear over our "enthusiastic" drummer...aka older brother). I explored genres, instruments, wrote songs, and performed consistently until ultimately making the decision to pursue music as a major in college.

I was extremely fortunate (and incredibly grateful) to procure a scholarship to attend Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where I received a Bachelor's degree in music performance; my instrument concentration was voice. During my time at Pepperdine, I dove into the world of classical music and opera and worked diligently to develop my technique as a singer, musician, and performer. It was during this time that I began to understand the importance of mentorship for an artist, both in the creative realm and for the development of a career. I had an incredible mentor and teacher during my time at Pepperdine, and her practices and philosophies I still follow in large part to this day. With her guidance, I made the decision to pursue a Master's degree and embarked on an audition tour with my sights on finding the right program.

From sunny California, I found myself 5,280 ft above sea-level with an incredible offer to hold a position as a graduate teaching assistant, and later head GTA, at the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music. Denver definitely brought a little more snow into my life, but along with snow, I discovered an incredible place to develop further as an artist, teacher, composer, and business-woman. As I worked to refine my skills as a musician, my interest in connecting the artist with the audience continued to grow. So, with the encouragement of yet another incredible mentor, I made the decision to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree while also completing coursework for the Master in Music degree (because I'm NUTS!). This choice, however pain-staking, has turned-out to be one of the best decisions I've made. 

When I reflect on my experiences as a performer, I am in awe of the incredible opportunities the world of music has brought me. I have performed in productions and tours including multi-media performances, operatic roles, concerts, and oratorio work throughout the Unites States and Western Europe. As a musician, I have learned how to engage with my art in "ever-challenging" ways, which has undoubtedly led to an understanding that the blood, sweat, and tears eventually lead to even better creative inspiration (i.e. killer song lyrics) and more efficient and effective ways to grow and learn.

While I hold an immense love for the stage and remain active as a performer, I also have a deeply-rooted passion for music-creating. As a producer and song-writer, I enjoy working on my own projects as well as client projects from both my home-office studio and in the professional recording studio environment. In fact, I recently completed one of those projects under my solo artist alias, jaelee. Check out my latest EP at or take a listen to some of my other production projects on soundcloud.

My lifelong obsession has provided incredibly rich experiences that I have a passion for sharing with others, and so, this is what I aim to do with my work. But enough about me, I want to hear about you. What's your story? What's your soundtrack? What can I do to help you in your musical endeavors?



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